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Rat control Manchester

Rat control Manchester

After writing a great article about finding and identifying mice, one of  the readers requested we do the same type of article on the other type of rodent, under the title of Rat control Manchester.

First thing you need to know is to know which type of rodent specifically is in your property, some people get do not know how to easily spot the difference between mice and rats, even though the they are both rodents, but the treatment used to control them is very different from each other.

identifying rats control manchester

Rats are not the type of animals to take lightly especially if you own a food business, where you have multiple health risks directly related to the existence of the rats, rats love food business where they have free source of their favorite foods for them and their families.

Rats infestation restaurant

However once they get used to a place they will usually take it as a home and reproduce, and once that happens, all kinds of problems might occur, starting from spreading lethal diseases in the food that will cause serious health issues for the employees and the customers.


Also it is very common that rats cause fire hazards in buildings simply by chewing wire insulators of extremely high voltages carried through them which causes electrical fire to happen, see the picture below.

rat chewing wire manchester


Getting rid of rats are not as simple as using mouse trap, or using some rat chemicals on top of their food; little do you know that rats are always getting smarter and more experienced with the old tricks, and their immune system has greatly improved to a degree where traditional chemicals do not even affect their health in anyway.

What about blocking their entrances with some kind of object?
Unfortunately that also do not work since rats have very sharp teeth that make it possible for them to create holes through walls made of plastics, wood, stones or even steel. (see picture below)

rats gnaw steel and wood manchester


 rat control manchester infographic

 Signs: How to tell if you have a rat infestation

Here is a well written checklist of how to confirm if you have rats issues in your property or not.



  1. Noises : when rats scratch objects of any materials, it produces a repetitive noise which is usually similar to cutting wood with a saw for instance. If you hear any of these noises, especially at night, then make sure to go out in the morning and check out the walls, and especially the roof if possible, and look for any damaged spots, because this is how they usually make an entrance.
    So remember, if you hear a scratch noise, then there is a big chance you have rats trying to enter your property.
  2. Tunnels (also reffered to as Burrows), rats in the UK are very capable of digging tunnels to use as their shelter and place of storing food and reproduction, they chose the perfect place of their shelter based on the surroundings, for instance, they dig into the ground to make a tunnel in solid surfaces and in areas where they are some kind of plants or left over foods, so If you have a back garden or a place where there are bins, then it usually attracts brown rats to take this as their home.

    rat tunnel manchester

    Tunnel made by rats near a garden shed

  3. Rat Faeces: rats usually leave faeces around the areas where they leave, which makes it easier for you to spot their existence. Every rat usually drops between 20-40 faeces every day, and the length of each one is usually between 14-20mm or the diameter of a 1p coin.size of rat dropping
  4. Urine: If you smell a strong unpleasant urine smell, unless you have a pet in your house, it probably belongs to rats inside the property.
  5. Footprints: unless you live in a property where there is some sand or dust (especially around areas that are less used or abandoned) then it will be extremely difficult to see their footprints.
    So if you do have some sand or dust on the floor, here is what you should do to confirm you have rat issue,


    Rat footprints

    Get a flashlight and point it the floor at a low inclined angle across the floor, this trick must show you the shadows of their footprints on the surface very clearly.
    footprints of rats manchester flashlight
    If you did see footprints, then you need to do this last step to get a solid confirmation that there are rats passing here often, so what you need to is distort or hide the footprints, and this can be easily done by mixing up the sand or pouring some kind of dust or powder over the footprints.
    And then come back to the same spot after a day or two, and check if there are new footprints, if there are new footprints, then you should hire a rat exterminator technician as soon as possible to have him examine the place and eliminate them from the area.

  6. Dark rub marks: rats are well known to leave rub marks on the surfaces they pass through because all the dirt and grease that is accumulated on their limbs (arms and legs) and the fur covering their bodies are rubbing against the surfaces while they walk. The rub marks are dark marks and are usually around their entrance holes. If you see any rub marks, you must call a pest control company as soon as possible, even though the marks may be old and rats my no longer be active in that place anymore.

Here is a video about Signs of Rat infestation in your property:

Signs of rat infection manchester


What is the best rat treatment method?

Once you identified that you have rats using the checklist above, now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.
But only if you have the tools AND skills to carry on the job, if you are not professionally trained, then it can not only be a difficult job, but also dangerous to your health especially if one of the rats decides to attack and bite, unless you have a very minor rat problem where only few of them are in the property, then you can use some DIY rat catching products, but if you are unaware of the number of rats, then in most cases, this will not be the best choice.

For this reason, we will not give you strategies because we don’t want to be responsible for any hazard that may happen to you because of some tips and strategies you read here on this website.

So what can you do? If you want the safest, fastest and most efficient solution, we highly recommend that you get professional work done by certified technicians in your local area to carry on the job to the highest standards to protect yourself and your family from rats and their diseases, once and for all.

If you live in Manchester and was searching online for Rat Control Manchester, then you are in the right place, give us a call, and our BPCA certified team can do the job for you; whether your property is domestic or commercial, we got your covered.

Call us free on our land line 0161 884 0602 to eliminate your rat problem completely.


Why should you Trust us?

  • We have very fast customer service, and will be in contact with you to arrange the appointment at your convenience.
  • We will arrange a follow up schedule for the future visits until your rat infestation is solved 100%.
  • We have a certified technicians that are constantly dealing with rodents on a daily basis, so we understand very well their nature and behaviour, and eliminate them in the most efficient, quickest and safest way possible.

Mice control manchester

Mice control Manchester

After publishing our previous article about wasps that got many positive feedbacks from social media, we got some requests to write detailed articles about other insects, so we decided to publish the next post with the title of Mice control Manchester, 

mice exterminators manchester

we know that chasing mice around your property is annoying and also hard if you have a busy lifestyle, but thats not the only reason why they should be taken seriously, they are very known to spread diseases as they move around by rubbing their bodies that attaches all the dirt and grease to it and when they sneak into the kitchens to consume some food which can cause very bad consequences especially in restaurants.

Even if mice got their basic needs which are food and shelter, they are known with their annoying habits of damaging wooden objects, furnitures just because they like to practice their gnawing skills.

The first thing of all, we need to differentiate between a mouse and a rat, although they both belong to the rodent category, they are completely different, they behave differently and they also require different treatment.

We are not going to go into all the details of the differences between mice and rats since we discussed this subject in a previous post posted by rat control manchester.

Cons of not hiring Mice exterminator in Manchester

First of we will discover the consequences of having a mouse in the house and not getting rid of it.

mice control manchester health risk infographic

One of the main differences between mice and rats is that mice are naturally much smaller in size and have a very flexible skeleton unlike rats which gives them the ability to easily pass through really narrow holes and tunnels, or even under doors, unlike rats which depend mainly on their very sharp teeth to gnaw in to any material that comes their way in order to pass through it.

Now, we assume you have enough information to be able to spot a mouse once you see it, but how do you know if your property contains mice?

Fortunately enough, mice are little messy and much less smarter than rats which are way more advanced in their thinking to protect themselves from exposing themselves to humans, for example: mice leave droppings (faeces) almost anywhere they want, while rats are more strategic, they leave droppings only in places they consider safe and away from the sight of humans in order to not reveal their existence, why means that they are aware of the consequences of not doing so.

How to tell if you have mice in your home.

7 signs to know if you have a mouse in the house

Here is a list of the easiest ways (not all) to tell if you have mice or not, even though most of them are somehow similar to signs of rats:

  1. Rub marks: or also known as Grease marks, these are dark stains on the surfaces of a wall or floor, these are one of the strongest evidence that you have a “rodent”, and the reason being is because rats also leave rub marks, which means you need to lookout for other extra signs to know what kind of rodent you do have.
  2. Droppings or Faeces: as we mentioned earlier, mice leaves droppings everywhere they walk, and they drop a lot of them on the floor, usually around 60-70 droppings per mouse per night.
    size of mice dropping
    and the size of the droppings are around 2mm – 7mm which are much smaller compared to the ones left by rats, so if you found droppings on the floor, their size will easily reveal the type of rodent that you have at home. So make sure you have a regular clean session in your property especially to for “dead spots” that are rarely checked, like behind cupboards, under beds, garage, under the sink, behind the oven etc…
  3. Spotting a mouse: usually mice don’t walk around during the day, so if you saw one walking (or even dead), this is a strong sign that there are many more mice in the area and that you have serious mice problem that needs professional help.
  4. Noises: Mice usually hide during the day, and move around during the night, so they are very active at night searching for food and also scratching walls to pass through them.
  5. Footprints: now you will only be able to see footprints of mice on dusty surfaces, which is usually outdoors, so if you find any type of footprints, it is a very good chance that it is a mouse or even a rodent, so you need to distort the footprints, and come back later the next day, and if you find footprints again, then you can rest assure that you have active mice in the area.
  6. Unpleasant urine smell: the urine of mice usually has a strong and disgusting smells, so if you find a strong smell, then you are very close to the hiding spot of the mice.
  7. Nests: as we discussed earlier in this page, these nests are usually located in difficult-to-reach spots, such as behind stoves, fridges, washing machine, narrow tunnels etc, so you need to perform a check up once in a while to guarantee that your property do not

Video about mice control manchester

If you have been searching online for mice control manchester, then rest assure you have arrived in the perfect place because we have a certified team that can help you eliminate the mouse problem completely from your property in few visits, go the homepage and give us a call on the number that appears on the screen.


Wasp control Manchester

WASP Control Manchester

Wasps are very common in the UK, and they are the most active during the summer because of the warm weather, and during these months it’s very common to hear about people being stung by wasps which are usually very painful, that’s why it is very important to be able to identify wasps once you see them and be able to differentiate between them and bees, so in this article we are going to outline the main differences between wasps and bees, and then explain how to protect yourself and your family by eliminating them completely, and why you should hire a wasp control company to do that for you.

Your home should be a safe and welcome haven for anyone who lives there or visits. If you have a wasp control problem, this can be a major issue on so many levels.

Not only are wasps dangerous to be living around, causing a hazard to those who are allergic to stings, but they can also be quite damaging to the actual home’s structure.

Having proper pest control done by the experts ensures that the wasp problem is taken care of and does not become more of a major issue for you and your family.

wasp control manchesterWasps nest removal manchester infographic

Wasp nest removal in Manchester

It is pretty apparent when your home or property is dealing with a wasp problem. If you walk outside and notice a lot of wasps flying around, chances are pretty good that there is a nest in some area of the property. Generally, you should be able to find where the nest is by seeing where the wasps are going in and coming out of. For example, the wasps might be located on one side of the home and be going into an attic vent, hole or slit in the sliding.

Another way to tell if your home has a pest issue is by having it professionally inspected by an expert company,

Video about Wasp control Manchester :

The video here is a great example that explains how to identify a wasp

Once you identify a wasp nest, then you need to call the experts,
which will be able to examine the entire home and property to look for any type of pests and then start the wasp nest removal process.

They will then alert you if there is an issue that is going to have to be dealt with.

The experts may even find multiple nests if the infestation is particularly bad.

Why You Need Professionals to Take Care of the Issue?

Wasp control should always be done by a qualified professional to avoid any problems with you doing the extermination yourself.

Wasps are very dangerous bugs to be exterminating because they attack in swarms. If you try to get rid of their nest, chances are pretty good that all of the wasps within or around that nest are going to try to attack you.

Without proper training, knowledge and protective equipment, you can be severely stung by the wasps and have to seek immediate medical attention.

It is also beneficial to hire professionals to conduct the wasp removal because they will take care of the entire issue.

Even if you attempt to get rid of the wasps yourself, you are not guaranteed that you are getting the whole nest or all of them.

Only a licensed exterminator company will be able to assess the property for any and all infestation problems.

This enables them to find any and all wasp nests throughout the property.

They will then work on getting the nests removed for good and prevent the wasps from returning and creating new ones.
Benefits of Wasp Control for the Home

Below is a list of benefits that you will find come when you have wasp nests taken care of by a professional pest control company.

  • The property and home will be more comfortable to live in without the wasp issue.
  • The value of your home will increase because the infestation has been eradicated.
  • You will be preserving the integrity of the home by preventing wasps from burrowing and damaging woodwork.
  • By hiring a professional, you will be avoiding the dangers of trying to get rid of the wasp issue yourself.
  • Professional wasp removal can be inexpensive and incredibly convenient for your already-hectic schedule.

How the Professionals Work

Once you have made the decision to hire professionals to conduct the wasp extermination,
they will come to your home at your own convenience.

The experts bring any and all of their supplies so that it prevents you from figuring out what tools and products need to be used.

Once the wasp nests have been sprayed and removed,
the pest control company will discuss methods of preventing the infestation from happening again.

This can include the closure of vents, holes or anything else that might be welcoming entrances for wasps and their nests.

Professional wasp removal companies can also work with you on a budget.

You do not have to forgo hiring one of these companies just because you think it is too expensive.

Not only is it safer to hire a professional company like this, but it can also be quite cheap.

For the benefit of your loved ones and the integrity of your home, it is always a good idea to get the pros in to do the job for you.

Wasp control needs to be done in a manner that is safe and effective, preventing the bugs from returning and creating brand new nests.

Now that you know how important and beneficial it is to have professional wasp removal done by an expert company, you will want to contact a local pest control business that can provide this service to you.

They will set up an appointment to come to your home and assess the situation.

This will help them to determine where the nest or nests are and the best way to get rid of the issue.

You will find that your home is much more comfortable to live in when you are putting time into hiring professional wasp control technicians for the house.

For the most effective and fastest solution you may be searching for a wasp control manchester company which means you are in the perfect place, just call the number that appears on the top of the website and we will be happy to give you a quote.





Fleas : What are they?

According to our statistics, Fleas problem have increased by over 30% in homes during the last 10 years, and in Manchester alone we have had over 50% more phone calls asking for Flea control prices in Manchester, which is alarming because as the climate changes, the types of pests that appears in local homes also changes.


Fleas pest control manchester infographic

A Fleas info graphics that shows some facts and studies done by researchers abroad.


Now some home owners have kids, and pets, and these people should pay special attention to hygiene of their homes to protect their loved ones, and even if you are careful, you still have to take that extra precaution because once a Flea gets in to the house, it can lay down eggs and then becomes a more serious problem. But what if you are moving to a new house? In that case you must know if the previous owner have had a pet in the house, so if he had, simply give us a call to eliminate any risk of you or your family having an encounter with Fleas in the future.

Now, what type of animals that usually carry Fleas with them? This is a very good question to ask, well, the answer for this is ANY animal that has hair, it is good to assume that it has fleas, animals such as cats, dogs, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, even rodents like mice and rats.


An infographic talking about fleas pest control in Manchester

Also you must be able to identify the type of pests, because one day you may need that info.

Now why do you have to take this seriously?

Because fleas are not like any other pests, they are not safe to be around, in fact a single bite can cause pain, and a huge skin rash or itchy skin, there are even pets who cannot tolerate flea bites.

Let’s briefly describe Fleas, shall we?

Fleas cannot fly, they have no wings, BUT they have long and strong legs that allows them to naturally hop long distances and jump to incredible heights easily from your pet to your couch to your shoulders, which leads to a small horrible bite.

If you pets, rodents, or if the previous home occupier had pets, then it’s very smart to give us a call now to treat both your pets and your house.

At South Manchester Pest Control, we offer effective and very safe treatments for your domestic and industrial properties to ensure hygiene to the highest standards.

We have a team of certified technicians that understand fleas, their behaviour and how to eliminate them completely.




Say NO to pests and protect your family

Say NO to pests and protect your family

You have just entered your dream house after meticulously planning for every detail and spending like crazy on its interior, your friends have really appreciated you for your taste and home décor and you are really on cloud nine!

A year went by and suddenly you are in a dismal mood, there is something that is bothering you and you have gone bonkers to find a solution. You are searching internet, asking your friends and calling agencies to help you resolve.

What’s that, are they the small creatures which are at times so minute that we cannot even see them with the help of our naked eyes that has disturbed you and your family’s health has gone for a toss? Are they the creatures we all annoyingly call, ‘pests’.

We are sure that they can be nothing else. Pests are small germs carrying organisms which have a harmful effect on humans, their food and living conditions. They can be found at various places in our homes, in kitchen, washrooms, balcony and gardens and specially at places which are not taken care of too frequently.

Some of the common pests found in homes are mosquitoes, fleas, mites, rats and mice, bed bugs and termite. Pests originate in homes due to a variety of reasons, which includes food left uncovered in kitchen, unclean tables, cupboards and kitchen floors, mishandled washrooms, improperly maintained garbage bins, dust accumulation, spider webs, and accumulation of water at various small places and even our gardens or kitchen gardens too.

Hygiene text


Before delving deep into how you can prevent pests to infest your house, let us first reveal some telltale signs that will help you confirm that your house is under the attack of pests. The predominant signs are of course, you can see them, like cockroaches, spider webs, rats and mice, also you can identify presence of rats and mice from their droppings and holes, family members complaining of being bitten, adult bed bugs hiding in the seams of mattresses and biggest among them is your family members falling sick due to infection specially children.

So, what is the way out, what measures you can take to ensure that your family remains a healthy family and that you will not spend most of your time in just getting rid of pests, which otherwise you can invest in being creative and decorating your house.

The first has always been and will always remain the same, yes you have guessed it right. We are talking of cleanliness, the key to prevent pests, design furniture which has ample space to keep old newspapers and books, shoes and other material of lesser use. Try to keep most of the items of utility covered and try to follow a ‘no shoes ’inside home policy to see the magic. Make a daily cleaning regime and follow it religiously, it will not only make your home look squeaky clean, it will also aid in keeping your home pest free.

Kitchen is one place in our homes which is a store house for all kind of pests, take all pains to keep it as clean and covered as possible, from utensils to storage boxes, fridge and cabinets, keep them immaculately clean and wash them with anti-germ solution frequently. Do not keep uncut vegetables or fruits and throw left over as early as possible. Do not make your fridge a dumping ground and ensure that it gets cleaned regularly.

Second, without fail is hygiene. And when it comes to hygiene, the first thing that comes to our mind is washrooms and balcony area of our house, which are the places where pests dwell easily and spread germs in the entire house. So maintaining these areas are must, a little amount of carelessness and you will have to visit doctors every now and then. Always keep an anti bacterial soap to wash hand and encourage every member of your house to wash their hands as frequently as possible.

Anything else, lots! How about getting a pest control service done? It is one of the friendliest methods to control pests emerging in your house, however it is tedious and your whole house gets disturbed, but when you seek professional help, it is less cumbersome and the outcomes are satisfactory. During pest control, a pesticide, which is primarily a chemical, is spread in your house, which may be in any form, liquid, gas or solid for a few hours. The only drawback of this process is that it is hazardous, as the fumes carry hazardous chemicals which are detrimental to the health, specially of small children.

Now let us navigate our attention towards one of the most vital element on earth, which on one hand save our bodies from falling sick but which on other hand, if improperly managed can lead to life threatening sickness too. Yes, we are certainly talking about water which has amazing medicinal properties to save our bodies from falling sick, but if it gets clogged or if it is left uncovered, it can lead to diseases like Dengue and Malaria.

Last but not least, one of the major categories of pest is termite, which eats up our entire furniture and severely mars the beauty of our house. Once it starts emerging, it just eats up everything that comes in its way, furniture, leather goods, newspapers etc and hence precaution must be taken to abstain from it and the best way is to first get a termite proof furniture designed for your house and secondly, if at all, it originates, then to take a corrective action and seek professional help to curb it.

Prevention is better than cure is the watch word when it comes to saving your home and family from the ill effects that a pest produces, to take corrective measures well in advance, to design houses in such a way that there are minimal chances of pests to accumulate, to encourage every member of the family to be sensitive towards cleanliness and to make a proper cleaning regime of your house, garden and water tanks to ensure that you live a germ free life and that your family’s health is taken care of.





South Manchester Pest Control – Services

Pest Control Service in Manchester

Welcome to one of the most respected pest control manchester company. Using the right pest control makes all the difference in efficiency and effectiveness, not to mention  the wallet.  Not all pest control services are created equal, some combat the problems against wasps, insects more effectively than others.

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The services we offer:

24 hour Pest Control (including most types of insects)

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  • Beetles

  • Bed Bugs

  • Cockroaches

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Rodent extermination services

  • Rat Control (Rats can cause serious hazard to your family or employees)

  • Mice Control

  • Squirrels

  • Rodent Proofing

Bird Control

  • Pigeon Control

  • Bird Netting

  • Optical Gel

  • Specialist Cleaning

Our vans are discreet, meaning they are plain white and unmarked vans that doesn’t have any text or logo printed on it,
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What a world of difference it makes to do something once and know that the problem will be addressed with potent force.  Not using powerful pesticides from the onset could jeopardize your profit margin significantly in cost of time and money.  You have a list of other things that you need to take care of, remove the hassle of pesticides by implementing effective, cheap pest control.

It’s always best to call in the professional pest control experts of Manchester to handle all your needs.  Whether you require help with mice, rats, spiders, or any rodents, let us use the most effective strategies to handle your situation. We can also take care of issues with mosquitoes, fleas, insects or any needed wasp control, or perhaps wasp net removal. Whatever your particular situation, we can handle everything for you from start to finish.

pests icon - color

We know the economy has been tough past few years, however, now is not the time to gamble on your pest control.  Only allow experienced professionals to handle your pest control requirements. Trying to do DIY pest control might only come back to harm you later.  Let the technical specialists handle it right the first time.  With their skill and expertise, the best pest control manchester will be the perfect solution to all your challenges.  Experienced eyes understand how to quickly get to the heart of the problem and figure out the best plan of action to address all necessary concerns.  We have all the latest technological advances in most innovative ways of spraying pesticides and chemicals for the right biological results.  The correct insect repellents need to be used appropriately.  If you ever need quick assistance for an emergency in Manchester, be sure to contact us immediately.  We would appreciate any opportunity to deliver exceptional service and customer care.

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Discreet Contractor Van

It’s not often that you come across proven and experienced pest control specialists in Manchester with a real passion for what they do.  We are not just in business to deliver cheap pest control to our clients, we are passionate about the industry and helping to make a real difference in the community.

It’s an honor to be able to service so many clients and farms who use our pest control services to help feed the community.  In order to ensure that we keep delivering the latest and most effective techniques for spraying and most recent insect repellents, we stay current with the trends of our industry.  We are far from a fly-by-night operation, we are expert specialists that deliver a premium service at a real bargain.  Cheap pest control still means high value on our end.  Our objective is to deliver a great experience that will have you raving about us to all your friends and family without surprising you with an unwanted hidden fee.  We can help with any domestic or commercial pest control requirements, it would be our honor to serve anybody in

It’s understandable how some folks may encounter pest control issues but consider it too expensive to have a contractor come and handle it.

Sometimes a friend or neighbor may offer up a nice gesture to assist.  However, it may seem like a great idea to have somebody come and lend a hand, but there’s a huge gulf of experience between a novice and experienced specialists who do it day in day out.  Cheap pest control and using the latest mosquito control and wasp control along with any the most effective insect repellents and chemicals is the smart way to go.  Eliminate your pest issues correctly the first time out by choosing experienced professionals who will get it right from the onset.  Expert eyes understand exactly what patterns to look for when handling rodents and other insects.  Understanding which traps work best for rodents or best chemicals for insects requires deep knowledge and experience.  The best pest control manchester company offer premium grade chemicals and professional tools that can’t be matched by amateurs.  Let a professional handle your needs and give you a great bargain without sacrificing quality.

Pest control is not something that you can learn overnight or simply search on Youtube, it requires a deep understanding of best practices of the past and how they’ve evolved to current methods for spraying and applying biological chemicals, innovative ways of implementing insect repellents etc.  Our experienced exterminators can see far more and far deeper than untrained eyes.  While you may be able to solve some pest control issues on the periphery level by doing it yourself, however, problems lie far deeper.  It’s about doing what is best for your home or business not just for today, but in the future.  Neglecting any issues with spiders, rats, insects or rodents may only exacerbate the problem.  It’s important to allow experienced specialists to diagnose your situation correctly to figure out exactly what the threats are.  Understanding which pests need to be exterminated helps solve problems quickly, efficiently and effectively.pest guy


Anytime people are going to be working with chemicals or repellents on your property, you need to always be cautious.  It’s important to only let professionals who are proven and have some sort of track record and experience do your pest control.


The right application and measures need to be taken, pest control is a process from initial diagnosis to extermination. Without professional experience or knowledge, problems may not be sufficiently dealt with and could cause more issues in upcoming seasons.

If you depend on your farm or acres of land for your livelihood, take the right steps and contact the best pest control experts in Manchester to take your worries away.  Allow proven specialists to handle all your mice, rat and rodents issues.  Get the latest traps and insect chemicals and most effective pesticides.  Spraying pesticides correctly and using the best chemicals for your particular situation is important.

Areas our contractors cover in Manchester

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And most areas within Greater Manchester, England etc…

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