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Fleas : What are they?

According to our statistics, Fleas problem have increased by over 30% in homes during the last 10 years, and in Manchester alone we have had over 50% more phone calls asking for Flea control prices in Manchester, which is alarming because as the climate changes, the types of pests that appears in local homes also changes.


Fleas pest control manchester infographic

A Fleas info graphics that shows some facts and studies done by researchers abroad.


Now some home owners have kids, and pets, and these people should pay special attention to hygiene of their homes to protect their loved ones, and even if you are careful, you still have to take that extra precaution because once a Flea gets in to the house, it can lay down eggs and then becomes a more serious problem. But what if you are moving to a new house? In that case you must know if the previous owner have had a pet in the house, so if he had, simply give us a call to eliminate any risk of you or your family having an encounter with Fleas in the future.

Now, what type of animals that usually carry Fleas with them? This is a very good question to ask, well, the answer for this is ANY animal that has hair, it is good to assume that it has fleas, animals such as cats, dogs, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, even rodents like mice and rats.


An infographic talking about fleas pest control in Manchester

Also you must be able to identify the type of pests, because one day you may need that info.

Now why do you have to take this seriously?

Because fleas are not like any other pests, they are not safe to be around, in fact a single bite can cause pain, and a huge skin rash or itchy skin, there are even pets who cannot tolerate flea bites.

Let’s briefly describe Fleas, shall we?

Fleas cannot fly, they have no wings, BUT they have long and strong legs that allows them to naturally hop long distances and jump to incredible heights easily from your pet to your couch to your shoulders, which leads to a small horrible bite.

If you pets, rodents, or if the previous home occupier had pets, then it’s very smart to give us a call now to treat both your pets and your house.

At South Manchester Pest Control, we offer effective and very safe treatments for your domestic and industrial properties to ensure hygiene to the highest standards.

We have a team of certified technicians that understand fleas, their behaviour and how to eliminate them completely.



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