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Say NO to pests and protect your family

Say NO to pests and protect your family

You have just entered your dream house after meticulously planning for every detail and spending like crazy on its interior, your friends have really appreciated you for your taste and home décor and you are really on cloud nine!

A year went by and suddenly you are in a dismal mood, there is something that is bothering you and you have gone bonkers to find a solution. You are searching internet, asking your friends and calling agencies to help you resolve.

What’s that, are they the small creatures which are at times so minute that we cannot even see them with the help of our naked eyes that has disturbed you and your family’s health has gone for a toss? Are they the creatures we all annoyingly call, ‘pests’.

We are sure that they can be nothing else. Pests are small germs carrying organisms which have a harmful effect on humans, their food and living conditions. They can be found at various places in our homes, in kitchen, washrooms, balcony and gardens and specially at places which are not taken care of too frequently.

Some of the common pests found in homes are mosquitoes, fleas, mites, rats and mice, bed bugs and termite. Pests originate in homes due to a variety of reasons, which includes food left uncovered in kitchen, unclean tables, cupboards and kitchen floors, mishandled washrooms, improperly maintained garbage bins, dust accumulation, spider webs, and accumulation of water at various small places and even our gardens or kitchen gardens too.

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Before delving deep into how you can prevent pests to infest your house, let us first reveal some telltale signs that will help you confirm that your house is under the attack of pests. The predominant signs are of course, you can see them, like cockroaches, spider webs, rats and mice, also you can identify presence of rats and mice from their droppings and holes, family members complaining of being bitten, adult bed bugs hiding in the seams of mattresses and biggest among them is your family members falling sick due to infection specially children.

So, what is the way out, what measures you can take to ensure that your family remains a healthy family and that you will not spend most of your time in just getting rid of pests, which otherwise you can invest in being creative and decorating your house.

The first has always been and will always remain the same, yes you have guessed it right. We are talking of cleanliness, the key to prevent pests, design furniture which has ample space to keep old newspapers and books, shoes and other material of lesser use. Try to keep most of the items of utility covered and try to follow a ‘no shoes ’inside home policy to see the magic. Make a daily cleaning regime and follow it religiously, it will not only make your home look squeaky clean, it will also aid in keeping your home pest free.

Kitchen is one place in our homes which is a store house for all kind of pests, take all pains to keep it as clean and covered as possible, from utensils to storage boxes, fridge and cabinets, keep them immaculately clean and wash them with anti-germ solution frequently. Do not keep uncut vegetables or fruits and throw left over as early as possible. Do not make your fridge a dumping ground and ensure that it gets cleaned regularly.

Second, without fail is hygiene. And when it comes to hygiene, the first thing that comes to our mind is washrooms and balcony area of our house, which are the places where pests dwell easily and spread germs in the entire house. So maintaining these areas are must, a little amount of carelessness and you will have to visit doctors every now and then. Always keep an anti bacterial soap to wash hand and encourage every member of your house to wash their hands as frequently as possible.

Anything else, lots! How about getting a pest control service done? It is one of the friendliest methods to control pests emerging in your house, however it is tedious and your whole house gets disturbed, but when you seek professional help, it is less cumbersome and the outcomes are satisfactory. During pest control, a pesticide, which is primarily a chemical, is spread in your house, which may be in any form, liquid, gas or solid for a few hours. The only drawback of this process is that it is hazardous, as the fumes carry hazardous chemicals which are detrimental to the health, specially of small children.

Now let us navigate our attention towards one of the most vital element on earth, which on one hand save our bodies from falling sick but which on other hand, if improperly managed can lead to life threatening sickness too. Yes, we are certainly talking about water which has amazing medicinal properties to save our bodies from falling sick, but if it gets clogged or if it is left uncovered, it can lead to diseases like Dengue and Malaria.

Last but not least, one of the major categories of pest is termite, which eats up our entire furniture and severely mars the beauty of our house. Once it starts emerging, it just eats up everything that comes in its way, furniture, leather goods, newspapers etc and hence precaution must be taken to abstain from it and the best way is to first get a termite proof furniture designed for your house and secondly, if at all, it originates, then to take a corrective action and seek professional help to curb it.

Prevention is better than cure is the watch word when it comes to saving your home and family from the ill effects that a pest produces, to take corrective measures well in advance, to design houses in such a way that there are minimal chances of pests to accumulate, to encourage every member of the family to be sensitive towards cleanliness and to make a proper cleaning regime of your house, garden and water tanks to ensure that you live a germ free life and that your family’s health is taken care of.




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