Terms and Conditions

Quotes policy

Pricing completely depends on several factors, such as size of the house or business, size and number of rooms, type of pest control services and number of visits needed for the job, so quotes over the phone or on the website are 100% estimates based on average size houses/businesses, and they are not confirmed until one of our technicians visits the place and get a good understanding of the situation. And for that reason South Manchester Pest Control reserve the right to amend the quotation provided over the phone if after inspection we found out that we need to give a new quote based on the size of the property and type of pest.

In extremely rare circumstances where we cannot fulfill the job due to its size or other reasons, we will give you the best advice on which type of treatment and the best competitor that can do the job and its price approximately.

For extra information please visit our homepage and dial the number that appears on the top of the page to talk with our team.

Phone calls policy

Due to our expanding company and the increasing number of employees, we record all of our calls for training and quality reasons, this will also help in resolving problems that can possibly occur in the future and to ensure every employee is providing the best service over the phone. South Manchester Pest Control respects the privacy of it’s customers and will not share any data with a 3rd party.

Access policy

The customers are kindly requested to commit to their agreements by giving South Manchester Pest Control and their representatives access to the property at the time and date agreed at the time of booking the appointment.

In the case that a customer does not commit to the time and date agreed, or causes any delays or waste of time, it will result in a fee ranging between £50-£100 depending on the number of team members for cancellation or rescheduling, and that excludes VAT.

Payment policy

South Manchester Pest Control accepts various payment methods including Cash, Credit/debit cards, Cheques and bank transfer, (please contact the office and agree on the price and payment method before the appointment)

Cancellation policy

Deposits that are paid in advance are not subject to refunds, when a customer wishes to cancel a booked appointment, a notice of at least 24 hours is required for cancellation, otherwise a fee of £50 per team member must be paid by the customer, depending on the type of job.

Failure to pay the fee in less than 2 weeks, this can cause the case to be transferred the debt recovery team which will cause the fee to increase dramatically.

So in summary, the customer has to pay the cancellation fee if,
short notice was given less than 24 hours before the agreed time
or customer not showing up at the agreed time and date.


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